Four years later, I can look back on the “autoincubate” experience with fond memories and at least a book of experience. No, really, I could write a book on the lessons I learned from that launch. But, we’ll use this blog as “the book” and move on. Literally, I’ve moved on. I’ve done so much … Continue reading Epilogue

Welcome Back?

  Pretty shameful to see how long it’s been since I’ve made a post, BUT I am happy to say it’s been a productive time away. We’ve completed early rounds of consumer focus groups and customer individual interviews.  We’ve been plugging away at the pretotype and will go LIVE (yep I said LIVE) with our … Continue reading Welcome Back?

Test Customer says YES!

What an awesome day! After visiting many potential sites to be one of our first customers, our #1 pick agreed today! The owner was honored we picked him and is ready to help us make our product a success. Woohoo!! We hired our product development team on Monday, so now they have even more of … Continue reading Test Customer says YES!


Thursday was bonding day . . . personally & professionally. The morning kicked off with a lovely “sisterhood” message from my mother that I actually read (smile) which encouraged me and many others on the chain to value the sisters in our lives b/c unlike children who grow up, spouses who don’t always do what we … Continue reading Bonding